Vinick Kemuma forced out of her house!

Everyone was eager and happy by celebrating the awaiting festive season Christmas, which was on 25-12-07. After that, it was a big day as Kenyan people were eager to vote for their new president on 27-12-07. After three days the president was announced which left most Kenyan to shed blood, homes were looted, houses burnt […]


19th-20th April 2008 Young people from Nairobi’s largest slums; Kibera, Korogocho and Mathare, meet this weekend for an intense two days of filmmaking. Teams made up of members from Slum TV, Ghetto Film Club, Voiceless Children and Hot Sun Foundation will meet head to head in the film challenge. Peter Johnson, co-ordinator of Hot Sun […]

Mtaa Film Festival

24 young filmmakers, from 4 different organizations working together for the first time to create 3 short films in 48 hours, the Mtaa Film Festival promised to be an exciting event…and it certainly was. We all met at the Slum TV offices on Saturday morning, fairly close to the scheduled 9 am kick off. Biki […]

Tenants living with the fear of Eviction, by Efantas.

Some scars will be hard to heal. Many tenants of Huruma, ‘City of Mercy’ are living in fear of eviction because their landlords are from enemy tribes. Some agents have inflicted more fear by advising their friendly tenants to vacate in order to avoid the wrath of ‘enemy’ landlords. Two weeks ago five agents from […]

introducing David Mbuthia

My name is David Mbuthia and my nickname is Identitie, I am 24 years old, born on the 4th of may 1983 from a family of seven. We are three boys and four girls (our first born passed away). We lost our mother after a long illness. She fought her battle, she came, she saw […]

introducing Saidi Hamisi Saidi

My name is Saidi Hamisi Saidi, I was born 24 years back, and my birthday is on the 10th of June. I am the only boy in a family of four sisters and I live with both of my parents, at Soweto, in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. We live beside a military camp; […]

introducing Ali BARISA

My name is Ali Barisa and I am 23 years old. I am the first born of my parents family. I went to school in Roysambu primary school and in the year 2000 I joined a high school called St Columbus, which is situated in the Rift valley part of kenya. I live with my […]

Slum TV screening III

Slum TV screening 111 web scrn 0810 002 Well, let me get this down whilst it is still fresh. This evening, we managed a third screening of Slum TV (although only the second newsreel). We had tried on Saturday and Sunday, but had been rained off both days. Seems that the ‘short rains’, Kenya’s second […]

Mathare Workshop and Mungiki Police War

Last week we had to cancel our projection in Mathare. The workshop itself went incredible good. Results you will find in this blog, within few weeks. First a public screening in Mathare, and than also here. Last week also a war broke out, here few picts from local newspaper, reporting on that issue. Due to […]